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Hi, I 'm Aditya, the guy behind this website and many other. This site acts as my web playground, where I share all about me, my work and my knowledge.

I have over 8 yrs hands on experience in PHP, Mysql, JavaScript, open sources CMS like Joomla, Wordpress etc. During these 8 years, I have worked on more than 200 projects and/or websites but could not spare time for my blog.



Archive for August, 2014

After struggling for hours, I was able to configure my localhost to send email. This was working untill I upgraded by xampp to 1.8 on win 7 Pro.

So to help someone, I am listing the steps that I followed

Step – 1: Open php.ini and make some changes to [mail function]. The php.ini is under XAMPP\php\php.ini

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 August 2014 07:47