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WebDesign & Development

Creating effective Web sites takes much more than just programming expertise and technical skills. It takes advanced planning, graphic designs and strategic marketing expertise.
A lot of planning, starting from understanding the requirements of the website, its functionality, its design, and a domain name of course.
This is all what we deal in. We begin every engagement with a thorough understanding of your requirements and providing Web designs that are visually stimulating, easy to navigate and help drive traffic to your site. Thus building your Corporate Image.

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About Me

Hi, I 'm Aditya, the guy behind this website and many other. This site acts as my web playground, where I share all about me, my work and my knowledge.

I have over 8 yrs hands on experience in PHP, Mysql, JavaScript, open sources CMS like Joomla, Wordpress etc. During these 8 years, I have worked on more than 200 projects and/or websites but could not spare time for my blog.



With the increasing requirement of multimedia on websites, we are require to add video and audio players in the websites. We have to build a custom players as per the theme of the website.

Recently I come with a HTML 5 Video player which is highly customizable and that too with the help of simple CSS code. Some of you might have used it , its video js.


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Last Updated on Sunday, 30 September 2012 03:11

Cloud Zoom is a free jQuery image zoom plugin, a comparable alternative to products such as Magic Zoom. Compared to the popular jQZoom plugin, Cloud Zoom is smaller, has more features and more robust compatability across browsers.


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Last Updated on Saturday, 15 January 2011 11:14

Hi all,  today i am sharing an awesome php script to resize image at runtime. This will relieve a lot of pain while uploading the image files and creating thumbnails. This will also save a lot of web space.


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Last Updated on Saturday, 15 January 2011 11:15

Here Is a script for searching youtube videos. It can b easily implemented on your website. Enjoy

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Last Updated on Thursday, 6 January 2011 05:50

My Facebook Chat is a jQuery chat software that uses PHP and mySQL. It is placed at the bottom of your website similar to Facebook Chat.

The script is fully customizable from within the administration panel. Customers of My Facebook Chat are also able to buy or sell modifications, themes, and plugins for the software from our built-in store. The chat script will integrate seamlessly with your existing user database, even on a custom website.


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Last Updated on Saturday, 15 January 2011 11:17