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Hi, I 'm Aditya, the guy behind this website and many other. This site acts as my web playground, where I share all about me, my work and my knowledge.

I have over 8 yrs hands on experience in PHP, Mysql, JavaScript, open sources CMS like Joomla, Wordpress etc. During these 8 years, I have worked on more than 200 projects and/or websites but could not spare time for my blog.



Highly Customizable video player

With the increasing requirement of multimedia on websites, we are require to add video and audio players in the websites. We have to build a custom players as per the theme of the website.

Recently I come with a HTML 5 Video player which is highly customizable and that too with the help of simple CSS code. Some of you might have used it , its video js.

HTML5, includes specifications for a video tag, that's meant to allow web developers to add a video to a page in the same way they would add an image. In order for this to work, web browser developers have built video playback functionality into their browsers.

HTML5 video can improve video performance by not requiring a second application (a plugin) to be running, and it will work everywhere.

Video.js is a JavaScript and CSS library that makes it easier to work with and build on HTML5 video. Its is also known as HTML5 Video Player.

To get Video.js running on a web page, just copy the css and javascript into your HTML document, and then the html in the body part and you are ready to show videos on your website.

You can download the source files videojs (760).

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